Primetime Streamer Network

Broadcast together. Play together. Grow together.

The Primetime Streamer Network, also referred to as “Prime Stream Net” and “The Network“, is a content creation community of like-minded, supportive individuals. The aim of The Network is to create high quality video, audio and written content that is shared, supported and distributed by the group. Working together in this manner allows members of The Network to grow at a more sustained and consistent rate and provide a warm, welcoming community to the shared viewership it serves.

On joining the Primetime Streamer Network, you receive the benefit of having your projects, be they Twitch streams, YouTube videos, written articles, podcasts, or anything else, promoted and highlighted by the other members of The Network. You, as a member, will in turn be responsible for the promotion of other members of The Network.

The Network Code

Members of The Network work to a code of conduct and agree to broadcast selflessly, for the good of the community they are in. The guidelines of the code are as follows:

Members of The Network aim will not clash similar style broadcasts with other members of The Network. Members should not stream the same type of content at the same time as another member of The Network. For example, if Network Member A is streaming a first person shooter (Call of Duty or Fortnite, for example), Member B should not be streaming another first person shooter at the same time. If Member C is streaming a retro game, Member D should not broadcast another retro game at the same time. This helps to provide a variety and choice for followers of The Network while allowing members of The Network more freedom of choice in when they want to broadcast. A little communication goes a long way to eliminate any clashes; work together to resolve any blatant overlap of similar broadcasts. A exception to this rule will be where two members of The Network collaborate to stream the same game in a multiplayer endeavour.

Use the Google Sheet, available to all Network members, to schedule your broadcasts. You should aim to have your broadcasts in the schedule by 3pm UK time every Sunday, or earlier where possible. Information not included in the spreadsheet cannot be included in the graphical broadcast schedule (see below) and promotion of your streams will not be possible. Please keep the spreadsheet up to date.

The broadcast schedule of members of The Network will be available via a static 1920×1080 resolution file, and an animated 700×1080 daily schedule. Before broadcasting, you should check for the most up to date schedule graphics, input them into your stream software (OBS, or equivalent) and discuss what’s coming up on The Network during your broadcast. Please do not feel compelled to run down the whole week, the next day will suffice.

Do not promote your own monetised content – Twitch subscriptions, Patreon, merch, etc – during other member’s broadcasts. This is poor taste. Instead, help the broadcaster to promote upcoming broadcasts, including your own, and shill your wares there. Soliciting follows is acceptable at the discretion of the broadcaster.

The first member of The Network to achieve Twitch Partner status agrees to set up a ‘Primetime Streamer Network’ team. This is a perk reserved for Twitch Partners that we aim to use as soon as possible.

No man left behind.

Broadcast together. Play together. Grow Together.

If you are interested in joining the Primetime Streamer Network, please send us a private message on Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, or on our Discord server.