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Power Rangers Ninja Steel: Episode 14 & 15 Review

This past fortnight’s Power Rangers Ninja Steel has been a royal double-bill. In these episodes, we’re introduced to a new character as well as a new Zord! Here is Toku Toy Store’s review of episode 14, The Royal Rival, and episode 15, The Royal Rumble.

The Royal Rival

The programme opens at school with Sarah showing off her latest business class project: Sarah’s Cookie Creator. Despite the uninspiring name, the device itself is pretty cool as it will create delicious cookies out of any and all ingredients. In case we weren’t convinced, resident morons, Victor and Monty, test out the machines capabilities with sardines, liver and broccoli. The irritating pair themselves, of course, have no project prepared and are given an ultimatum by the teacher to prepare it by tomorrow.

Up on Galvanax’s ship, we’re introduced to Princess Viera and her companion monster Lord Drillion. Galvanax and Madame Odius are not convinced by the Princess’ ability to take care of the Power Rangers but they are reassured that Drillion accompanies her, as he can take care of business in the event of her failure.

In the park, Sarah’s invention is creating massive lines of people hoping to sample her products. Victor and Monty are arrested for stealing a cow… mehville. As Preston attempts to use his magic to speed along the cookie making process, the team are contacted by Redbot, who has detected Buzzcam activity nearby. The Rangers leave Mick in charge of the stall and run off to investigate. In a more urban area, Princess Viera commands Drillion to cause chaos and destruction in an effort to draw out the Power Rangers. Her plan succeeds and Drillion makes light work of our heroes. During the battle, an errant energy blast collapses the balcony Princess Viera is watching from. Oblivious to the fact the falling woman is their enemy, Sarah cushions Viera’s fall with vines and Viera calls off her monster.

The pair returns to Galvanax’s ship where they are confronted by Galvanax. He accuses Viera of being weak but Viera, outraged, denies this, claiming she is smart and studies her enemies before destroying them. Galvanax and Drillion formulate a plan that would see Drillion take out Viera and the Rangers in exchange for rule of the Lion Galaxy.

Back at the park, Viera watches the Rangers from afar. They finish up making cookies until Viera approaches Sarah. Sarah offers Viera a cookie from her last batch but they are promptly stolen by a teenager. Viera pursues and captures the youth but Sarah insists she let him go. In conversation with the boy, he reveals that he was stealing the cookies to feed himself and his hungry sister. Sarah is understanding and compassionate but Viera can only look on, confused with what has just transpired. To compound that confusion, Sarah gifts her cookie maker to the teen so that he can sell cookies and buy food for himself and his sister. In a less than unexpected move, Princess Viera has an epiphany and waxes lyrical about how she always believed her galaxy’s ‘might makes right’ attitude was the wrong one. In the process, Viera inadvertently reveals her identity before the two are confronted by Drillion. Drillion attacks the Sarah but Viera jumps in front of the energy blast, saving her.

The whole team arrive and morph. Drillion easily handles the Rangers, breaking their Element Power Stars and bending or snapping their swords. Viera emplores the team to hold out as long as possible and teleports away. The Princess returns to Galvanax’s ship and steals back her lion ship. Frustrated with her escape, Galvanax orders the immediate gigantification of Drillion. The team take him on in the Ninja Fusion Zord but struggle as much as they did on the ground. The Fusion Zord is broken apart and the Rangers appear doomed. From out of nowhere, Princess Viera arrives in her lion ship. Drawing power from the atmosphere, she quickly scares Drillion away before flying off herself. As she flees the scene, she is shot down by Galvanax and crashes in the mountains.

Back in the business class, Sarah is about to fail for failing to complete her project but she is rescued by the teenage boy, who explains the situation to the teacher. Sarah receives an A as the episode closes.

The Royal Rumble

The next episode starts with a quick recap of Princess Viera being shot down before Drillion returns to Galvanax’s ship. Galvanax believes the Rangers will be defeated easily without the assistance of Princess Viera and commands Drillion to go back to Earth and check that her ship is fully destroyed. Before he leaves, Madame Odius takes him aside to give him a little upgrade.

On Earth, Viera is walking away from her downed ship when she discovers its anti-gravity crystal which, unfortunately, is damaged. We cut to the hidden base where Mick and Redbot are pleased to declare that all of their weapons have been repaired. As the team begin to strategise about how they’re going to defeat Drillion, Hayley finds a lion pin on her satchel. As she picks it off, it begins to glow and soon turns into Princess Viera. The team are startled but quickly come around to the idea of fixing her lion ship so that they can use it to stop Drillion. The Rangers ask Mick to help repair the anti-gravity crystal but he refuses, stating that they shouldn’t be helping someone that helped to enslave the Lion Galaxy. As she persuades them by professing her new found goodness, the Nexus Prism shows us a vision of the lion ship in battle. This convinces the team to use the last of the Ninja Steel to turn the lion ship into a zord. Mick and Redbot quickly get to work.

Back in the land of Galvanax, Drillion’s new arm monstrosity upgrade is complete. Galvanax sends Drillion to the forest to look for the lion ship and the Rangers. The team are alerted to Drillion’s proximity to the ship and enter battle. As before, our heroes struggle against the beast but Mick has completed the Ninja Star and throws it into the Nexus Prism. The Prism fires out a new Power Star but it is absorbed by Princess Viera’s armour. To everyone’s surprise, a new Power Star appears on Brody, the Red Ranger’s, wrist. He spins it and is transformed into the Red Lion Fire Ranger. Using his new abilities, Brody and the others make light work of Drillion.

Freshly gigantified, Drillion is confronted by the Lion Fire Zord  (I guess Mick had a little more Ninja Steel lying around after all). Brody forms the Lion Fire Megazord and uses all of its power to send Drillion into oblivion once and for all. Back in the Ranger’s base, Viera thanks the team for showing her the light. She vows to make the Lion Galaxy a better place and heads home to make changes to her kingdom. On her way out, she gives Mick a parting gift, establishing communication with his parents for the first time in twenty years. Mick tells them that he will come home after completing his business helping the Rangers to defeat Galvanax.

This was a pretty good two-parter. The disappointment of the pre-hiatus Ninja Steel seems to be behind us and the episodes seem to be consistently watchable at this point. As usual, the Victor and Monty segments are unnecessary but I’m sure the kids love them, or at least love to hate them. The addition of the Lion Armour was introduced properly, over two episodes, rather than just being gifted to them for no reason. This is a rarity in modern PR, so kudos to Chip Lynn and the team for that. Next, we head into the end of the first half of the series. Thanks to France, that’s already been spoiled but I’m looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.

Did you enjoy The Royal Rival and The Royal Rumble? Let us know your thoughts on all things Ninja Steel in the comment section below or on Toku Toy Store’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Chicago Bears: Despite win, it’s time to start Mitchell Trubisky

Listen, I know that the Chicago Bears won on Sunday. I know that beating a team the calibre of the six-time World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers is something to celebrate. I know that Mike Glennon, officially, led that charge to drive down the field and score in overtime. I know. Despite all of that knowledge, though, it’s hard to argue the case for Glennon continuing to be under center for the Chicago Bears. Prior to this game, Mike Glennon had not won a game since his rookie season in 2013; even considering that his former team was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, that’s a poor showing for someone considered to be (not to mention paid to be) the saviour of the franchise. 

O Captain! My Captain!

The Bears brass and players alike saw promise in Glennon, even voting him a team captain during the preseason. Bold move for an unproven entity. Despite my misgivings, though, he is still a captain and so deserves all of the respect and regard of that rank. This is why I shall henceforth be referring to Mike Glennon by his official title, Captain Checkdown.

Through the first three games of the season, Glennon has truly earned his stripes. To date, Captain Checkdown has completed 72 of his 107 attempted passes; that’s 67% of passes reaching the hands of eligible receivers. To compare, Patriots QB Tom Brady is 71 of 110 (65%). On paper, that makes Glennon sound incredible but when you add in the reality that Brady’s average yards per completion is 15.3 it tells a very different story, juxtaposed with the Captain’s 8.5 yards per completion. It might be unfair to compare Mike Glennon to, arguably, the greatest QB in the game today but considering they will earn the same $14 million in 2017, it’s difficult not to. What makes the comparison fair, though, is that Brady has the same mediocre calibre of wide receiver as Glennon at his disposal but where Brady will opt for the most viable of targets, Glennon will target the short, safe route almost every time. During Sunday’s victory, Captain Checkdown targeted running backs 13 times, tight ends 4 times and wide receivers 4 times. To “Cap.” it off, not a single wide receiver was targeted in the first half. An NFL team cannot function this way. Captain Checkdown does as little as he possibly can to exit the game with a W. It’s no wonder Jordan Howard is hurt so frequently; he has to carry his quarterback for whole games, in addition to the football.

Need to watch the tape

There was certainly enough evidence to bench Mike Glennon following back-to-back losses against Atlanta and Tampa Bay, respectively, in weeks 1 & 2. Following the 29-7 trudging to the Buccaneers, Head Coach John Fox stated that he didn’t “think anybody without even seeing the tape yet can pin that on the quarterback. Everybody had their hand in that.” While it’s true that the rest of the Chicago Bears team played their part in throwing the game away, the starting quarterback, who by any definition of the position is the leader of the team, played the biggest part in not getting it done on the field. Granted, Fox made these comments before going back and analysing the play of his signal-caller but in the days, now weeks, subsequent he will have had opportunity to immerse himself in the performance, so why even now does John Fox believe that Captain Checkdown is the answer for the Bears?

In the two main opportunities to score during the Tampa Bay game, Glennon threw easy, avoidable interceptions. The first came late in the first quarter as Glennon was doing what he does, passing short to tight end Dion Sims on a quick comeback. The Captain was so focussed on his intended target that not only did he make it clear to defenders where the play was going but also completely overlooked linebacker Kwon Alexander dropping out to cover Sims. Linebackers dropping into coverage to cover tight ends is a fairly common practise in all levels of football and Kwon Alexander just happens to be one of the best at doing so. It will have been in the Bears’ scouting report; throwing this interception is indefensible for a ‘veteran’ like Glennon.

The second and most inexcusable of the errors came with just over four minutes left in the first half. While down 17 points, the game was not totally out of hand at this point and so Captain Checkdown took it upon himself to rectify that situation. With wide receiver Josh Bellamy running a classic out route, Glennon threw the ball underneath the route where cornerback Robert McClain had been waiting for the duration of the play. It was an easy interception and McClain took it to the house. Had Glennon identified the underneath coverage and placed the ball over the top, Bellamy had a good deal of open space downfield to make the most of the opportunity. 

If paying a lot of money for interceptions was what the Chicago Bears wanted, they could have just stuck with Jay Cutler.

It’s time for Trubisky

Sticking with Glennon may have been forgivable were there not another option. If the choice were Mike Glennon or A.N. Other journeyman quarterback, I could understand the reluctance to make a change. These are not the situations the Bears are in, though, and there’s an extremely promising better choice waiting in the wings. 

Mitchell Trubisky was drafted second overall in this year’s draft. He didn’t come cheap. The Bears gave up a number of picks to move up one position and take him at no. 2. It appears that this cost may have clouded some judgements at Halas Hall. The Chicago Bears have become those protective parents that don’t want their child to play in case he gets hurt. Don’t get me wrong, I see the logic in holding out a rookie until they’re ready, especially if you’re throwing them to the wolves in terms of the protection they’ll receive from the offensive line but that isn’t what’s happening here. Da Bears were tied for the seventh fewest sacks received last season and ranked in Football Outsiders’ top ten run-blocking units.

Glennon has been sacked seven times thus far in regular season play. That is more than the NFL average but considering how statuesque he is in the pocket, the blame is placed more on him that his offensive line. During the preseason, Trubisky demonstrated his ability to move around the pocket and escape from unabated blitzers. Trubisky is able to react far better to a free runner compared to Glennon. Trubisky calmly rolls out of the pocket and places the ball out of bounds. Glennon, by comparison, freezes up and folds, suffering a sack.

Trubisky can actually go deep, too. Consider the pass that came in the Bears’ preseason game against the Tennessee Titans. It wasn’t against their starting defence, by any means, but it does demonstrate Trubisky’s ability to find the open receiver and put the ball into his hands no matter where he is on the field. 

During a stellar preseason, Trubisky completed 68% of his passes for a total of 364 yards over 4 games. These numbers are comparable with Glennon’s already, before he’s even made a regular season start. Obviously, it won’t be a cakewalk for Trubisky if he’s given the start now but at least doing so would give him the opportunity to grow. Most rookie quarterbacks sit in their first year so they can watch and learn from a veteran. Trubisky has absolutely nothing to learn from Captain Checkdown, certainly nothing good, anyway. If checkdowns and short dump-offs are what the Chicago Bears are gameplanning, Trubisky can easily do that, and a whole lot more, too.

There’s absolutely no question that Mitchell Trubisky should be starting now. The only question is when the Chicago Bears will wake up and recognise it.

Who should be starting quarterback in Chicago? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section or on Twitter @thejezshow.

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Power Rangers Ninja Steel: Episode 13 Review

To most of the fandom’s disappointment, Power Rangers Ninja Steel had an inauspicious start to the season. It arrived with very little hype or fanfare and, regrettably, the content of the show did little to enthuse even the most forgiving viewer. The story was thrown together haphazardly with little attention paid to integrating some of the eccentricities of Shuriken Sentai Ninninger (Ninja Steel’s parent series) and many balked at the repetition of the ‘Daddy issues’ used so regularly in recent memory. In short, the series just wasn’t much good. That’s all changed within the last few episodes, though, and the quality of the show has drastically improved. Episode 13, Ace and the Race, is no exception to that and builds upon the good work we’ve seen as of late.

The episode opens with the Mayor of Summer Cove welcoming us to the Lake Sunshine Fun-athalon, and the Rangers are preparing to compete in a relay race. As the race calls for three person teams, the team split in half with Preston, Hayley and Sarah comprising one team and Brody, Levi and Calvin making up the other. Moments before the start of the race, Calvin is distracted by a guy named Ace and his beautifully detailed car. Calvin goes to speak with Ace and his crew but promises to return in time for the race.

Meanwhile, on Galvanax’s ship, Cosmo Royale is introducing his newest contestant, Shoespike. The monster of the week bursts on to the stage with two Basherbots trailing behind him and rejoices at the fact he won the race. The peril our Rangers will face this week becomes clear as Shoespike exclaims, “You know what happens when you lose a race to me!” and the Basherbots are turned into trophies. Shoespike – whose Arnie-impersonator voice is reminiscent of Mighty Morphin’s Lizzinator – takes human form, declaring that once the Rangers touch his baton (careful) they will not be able to resist racing him.

Back on Earth, Calvin is taking a look under the hood of Ace’s car. He notices an oil leak and is talked into repairing it, but not before he pushes the car and its three occupants back to the school workshop. With Calvin missing, Brody and Levi are down a teammate. Enter Bob Shoespike, who volunteers to join the team. The pair touch Shoespike’s baton and are instantly transformed into douchebags, calling Sarah a loser before heading to the start line. During the course of the race, Brody shoulder barges Preston into the bushes and Levi launches a random competitor into the lake. Preston, obviously, takes exception to their behaviour and confronts them. Brody and Levi give Preston, Sarah and Hayley a hard time, again calling them losers. Bob Shoespike looks directly into the camera and adds “and you know what happens to losers…” before the three are turned into trophies before Levi and Brody’s eyes. The other competitors are also turned into trophies including Victor, who gets taken away by a stray dog. Shoespike reveals himself to be a monster and challenges the Ranger brothers to a three-legged race. The Rangers gladly accept.

Subsequently, at the school workshop, Calvin is finishing off the work to Ace’s car. Ace misnames Calvin as Malvin and Marvin during the course of the ensuing argument, caused by Calvin’s realisation that Ace is a fraud and that he hasn’t completed a single piece of work on his own car as he claimed. Calvin feels let down by his supposed friend, Ace, but Mick reminds Calvin of his own failures in friendship, having bailed on Brody and Levi in the relay race. He concedes and dashes off to rejoin his teammates. Trophy Victor is shotput into a fish tank, meh. Victor and Monty continue to be one of the main problems with this series but I don’t think they’re going anywhere.

Calvin happens upon Brody, Levi and Shoespike warming up for their race. He discovers the three Ranger trophies and they catch him up with the story so far. Calvin confronts Shoespike and joins the team. The Rangers struggle to run cohesively at first before noticing that Shoespike is cheating; his Basherbot teammates are in face dummies and Shoespike is running alone. Despite the booby-traps set by Shoespike, the Rangers win the race in a photo finish. A Basherbot delivers the Ranger trophies, for no reason other than they needed the Rangers present to match the Sentai footage, and the team morph to fight Shoespike. The battle itself, in fact, is a carbon copy of its Ninninger counterpart and culminates in Levi and Brody working together to destroy the monster.

Brody and Levi summon Robo Red and Bull Rider but Shoespike runs rings around them. Calvin arrives in his Tonka Truck and slows the monster down with makibishi. The team form the Ninja Fusion Zord and make quick work of destroying Shoespike once and for all.

Back at the race, Calvin apologises to his friends and, of course, they forgive him in the usual sickly sweet, saccharin fashion. Victor’s trophy is finally turned back into human form, whilst still in the fish tank, and the episode closes with Victor standing in the tank with seaweed in his mouth.

All in all, this was a solid episode. The Saban team made good use of what was a difficult Ninninger episode to adapt to construct a cohesive story. The highlight of the episode, for me, was Shoespike, who got far more screen time here than in the Sentai. His design was neat and the actor who played his human form did a great job, especially during the fourth wall breaking moments. Here’s hoping that Ninja Steel continues to trend upwards as it has in the last few episodes.

Did you enjoy Ace and the Race? Let us know your thoughts on all things Ninja Steel in the comment section below or on Toku Toy Store’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Pro wrestler John Morrison shares his honest opinion on Jason David Frank (JDF)

In a recent interview, professional wrestler John Morrison (also known as John Hennigan, Johnny Impact, Johnny Mundo and others) was asked what it was like working with Power Rangers legend, Jason David Frank on the the upcoming Ninjak vs. Valiant Universe and the pro wrestling sensation did not hold back.

Ninjak vs. Valiant Universe is the story of Ninjak, a mighty warrior thrust into a gauntlet of Valiant’s most formidable heroes for a bloodstained battle royale torn from the pages of the largest independent superhero universe in comics. Those that have continued to follow the work of JDF since Power Rangers will know about Frank’s work with Valiant Comics, portraying their character, Bloodshot. Frank’s Bloodshot character is due to face off with Morrison’s Eternal Warrior in Valiant’s live-action webseries, due for release later this year.

When asked, Morrison stated that he was “really excited for Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe” and expected a trailer release for the series soon. Having been asked for his opinion on the legendary Power Rangers actor, Morrison spoke very kindly of Jason David Frank, gushing that he was “super talented” and that the pair had become “become legitimate bros” since filming together.

Later in the interview, Morrison was also asked about JDF’s professional wrestling aspirations. He replied that Frank was “a fan of pro wrestling, he loves the business and he’d like to be a part of it.” Morrison went on to say that they were planning a Tag Team Match for JDF’s wrestling debut, either for Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling promotion or for Global Force Wrestling, John Morrison’s current employer. To conclude, Morrison put to bed the idea that JDF had WWE Championship aspirations, noting that he didn’t think he “wants to be a full time pro wrestler by any means” but that as a life-long entertaininer, JDF would find it “fun to do a match.”

You can listen to John Morrison’s complete comments about Jason David Frank here:

Are you excited for Jason David Frank as Bloodshot in Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe? What do you think of Morrison’s comments? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Glennon stumbles, Trubisky impresses in Bears Preseason opener

The Chicago Bears opened their 2017 campaign last night hosting the Denver Broncos. In foreboding weather, under the threat of lightning, the questions on everyone’s lips were related to which of the Bears’ new Quarterbacks would perform the best in live competition. While John Fox has previously declared that Mike Glennon is the guy for week 1 against the Atlanta Falcons, it’s hard to think that minds wouldn’t be changed were third overall pick, Mitchell Trubisky, to show better consistency than his fourth year counterpart. Veteran backup, Mark Sanchez, may also play spoiler to Glennon’s starting aspirations should he perform well during training camp.

A Rough Start

It was Mike Glennon who got the start in this preseason outing, though, and he wasted no time doing his best Jay Cutler impression. On the third down of the drive, Glennon demonstrated some extremely poor decision making and threw and interception that was returned for a touchdown by Broncos DB, Chris Harris. Under extreme pressure from the pass rush, Glennon panicked and tried to force the ball to his Tight End, Zach Miller, the least open receiver in the vicinity. The drive was not a total washout, however, as Glennon demonstrated that he was able to place the ball with pinpoint accuracy, putting the ball in the hands of Cameron Meredith on 2nd & 8, only to have the ball forced from the receivers hands.

Hoping to learn from his initial mistake, Glennon took the field again but was quickly forced from the field, going three and out. The pressure of the pass rush once again reached the NC State graduate and his third down pass was knocked down at the line of scrimmage. After a far more successful Broncos drive, the Bears third opportunity on offence was too a comedy of errors. What started well, with a well executed 6 yard play-action pass to free agent signee Dion Sims, ended with a snap way over the head of Glennon, robbing the quarterback of a chance to redeem his earlier failures. 

As the first quarter drew to a close, Glennon began to find his feet, bolstered the ground attack of Ka’Deem Carey and rookie Tarik Cohen. After a cluster of runs put the Bears in a 3rd & 4 position, Glennon was able to demonstrate the ability he was signed for with a confident 15 yard pass to Kendall Wright in the middle of the field. On the next play, a deep pass to Cameron Meredith was unsuccessful as Glennon failed to put the ball far enough in front of the third year pro. The same issue was true of a later dig-route pass to Meredith which was broken up. In his final play of the game, Glennon showed off some of his ability to perform under pressure, escaping attack from behind to laser the ball to Zach Miller. Unfortunately, the pass was a little low and the tight end failed to bring in the pass.

Short Stint for Sanchez

In his brief appearance in the game, Mark Sanchez immediately brought a much quicker pace to the offense. While the first two drives were ultimately fruitless, the nine-year veteran was able to demonstrate his worth to the team with a fantastic downfield block that allowed Benny Cunningham to add another chunk of yards to his already successful run. While his football past may be a little chequered, the benefits that a veteran presence such as Sanchez’ brings to the Chicago Bears offense is undeniable – even if just to encourage the QB corps not to make the same mistakes that he did.

Trubisky Time

The rest of the game belonged to the second overall pick, Mitchell Trubisky. The rookie’s first drive as a pro came with two minutes remaining in the first half of the game and Trubisky used the opportunity to maintain the faster pace of offense that Sanchez had began before him. A series of runs, play-action strikes and quick passes from the shotgun brought the Bears steadily down the field. Trubisky made good decisions and completed some tough passes despite the heavy Bronco pressure that Glennon had faced earlier. The two highlights of the drive were a play-action pass to fellow rookie Adam Shaheen – which demonstrated his quick passing ability under fire – and a touchdown pass to Victor Cruz, where Trubisky rolled out of the pocket to throw a dagger to the veteran wide receiver.

Proving that it wasn’t a fluke, Trubisky led the Bears down the field for a touchdown on his second drive of the game. Throughout, the rookie demonstrated calm under pressure and continued to show off his roll-out and escape ability. On the first play of the drive, Trubisky rolled out to the right after the play-action to deliver an effortless to Thompson at the sideline. Later in the drive, on 2nd & 11, the quarterback again used the play-action to escape the pass rush, executing a video game caliber spin move to avoid contact and carry the ball himself on a 12 yard run. The Bears charged into the redzone off the back of two slant route receptions, one to Josh Bellamy and the other to Rueben Randle. The drive culminated in six points as Cunningham punched the ball into the endzone for a touchdown.

The final scoring play for the Bears was a scrappy one. After a holding call put the Monsters of the Midway in a 1st & 20 position, Trubisky was able to make back the difference with a 24 yard strike to Deonte Thompson for a fresh set of downs. Another expertly executed play-action rollout pass to Tanner Gentry took the Bears forward 13 yards and into the redzone. From there, the drive fizzled, largely due to a delay of game penalty, proving that Trubisky can make mistakes. Despite the error, the Bears were able to put 3 points up for their efforts – the final Chicago points of the game. 

Final Thoughts

Chicago Bears Defensive End, Akeim Hicks, said it best in his comments to Bears Network commentators during the game, “You look forward to seeing [Trubisky] do it against better competition.” The rookie had a fantastic game, ending the game 18/25 with 166 yards and a touchdown, but it must be remembered that this came against Denver Broncos backups. Trubisky’s performance will put Bears fans at ease having seen the potential of their first round draft pick but there’s still more that needs to be seen before anointing him the future of the franchise. Mike Glennon, in comparison, finished the game 2/8 for 20 yards and a pick 6 against the Broncos starting defense, sans Von Miller. Going forward after this extremely disappointing outing, Glennon has a lot to prove if he is going to be given the start over a more game Mitchell Trubisky or even a veteran in Mark Sanchez. Bears fans will be watching closely to see if the $45 million salary of Mike Glennon is worth the expense.

Who do you think will win the starting job for the Bears? Let us know in the comment section below or tweet me directly @thejezshow.

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