The Main Event Podcast #93 – IMPACT Sacrifice 2022

It feels like it was only last week we were discussing IMPACT Wrestling… Oh wait, it was! With an insanely quick turnaround, IMPACT Wrestling presents it’s second IMPACT Plus event in a fortnight, Sacrifice. Featuring a main event of Moose vs. Heath and a number of shocking changes, was Sacrifice worth doing an event so soon after the last? Tune in as Jez and Dan break it all down on The Main Event Podcast.

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Pre-Show: Gisele Shaw vs. Lady Frost

The in-ring action began on the Countdown to Sacrifice pre-show when the Quintessential Diva Gisele Shaw took on Lady Frost. As the match began, Shaw delivered a Snapmare to Frost and patronisingly rubbed her on the head. This, understandably, riled up Frost and the match immediately became a physical, personal affair. After hitting her version of the Cannonball – the Snowball, Frost went for the win from the top rope but Shaw escaped doom and got a nearfall of her own with a Draping DDT. This setup was repeated as Shaw once again tried to prevent Frost coming off the top rope but Lady Frost pushed Shaw off the top rope and hit Frostbite to pick up the 1-2-3 and hand Shaw her first loss in IMPACT Wrestling.

Jez’s Pick: N/A
Dan’s Pick: N/A
Winner: Lady Frost

Pre-Show: Honor No More (Mike Bennett and Matt Taven) vs. Rich Swann and Willie Mack

In the next preshow match, Willie Mack and Rich Swann teamed to face two members of Honor No More – Mike Bennett and Matt Taven. Swann started the match against Bennett and the pair got off to a fast start. When Willie Mack, the match’s biggest man, tagged into the match, the match, if anything, got a little faster and soon spilled to the outside. This extracurricular action allowed the team of Honor No More to weaken Mack and isolate him once back inside the ring. Swann eventually got the hot tag but Bennett and Taven were able to switch their isolation tactics to him instead. Rich Swann was able to pull of the surprise victory, though, dropping in a Sunset Flip out of nowhere and collecting a pinfall.

Jez’s Pick: Honor No More
Dan’s Pick: Honor No More
Winner: Swann/Mack

IMPACT X-Division Championship – Trey Miguel (c) vs. Jake Something

The opening contest on the main Sacrifice event was for the IMPACT X-Division Championship with the challenger, Jake Something, taking on the champion, Trey Miguel. Something emphasised his size and dominance in the early going, pushing the champion down but Miguel hit Jake with a stiff elbow to the nose before taking to the ropes to try and ground the big man. This was successful to a point but Something retaliated on several occasions, most notably with a massive Sitout Powerbomb that almost drove Miguel through the ring. Something went for the kill and got a nearfall after Spearing Miguel through the turnbuckles but the champion refused to die and grounded his challenger, at least for a moment, with a Neckbreaker. After Something hit his second Powerbomb of the match, he got a nearfall and frustratedly went for a third. Miguel was wise to this and countered it into a Meteora. He didn’t get all of it, though, and Jake Something kicked out. This led to a battle atop the top turnbuckle and Miguel fought his way into hitting another Meteora as Something dangled from the middle turnbuckle and this time was able to pick up the victory.

Jez’s Pick: Trey Miguel
Dan’s Pick: Trey Miguel
Winner: Trey Miguel
Jez 1 – Dan 1

Eddie Edwards vs. Rhino

In the next bout, the traitor of IMPACT Wrestling, Eddie Edwards, went one-on-one with Rhino. Each man was accompanied by their teammates, creating the potential for chaos in the contest to come. This was not a hugely technical affair and the two men began by taking lumps out of each other with stiff chops across the chest. Maria then attempted to hand Edwards a Kendo Stick but she was caught by referee Brian Hebner and promptly ejected from ringside. This didn’t end the interference of Honor No More, though, as with the back of Hebner turned, Taven tripped Rhino as he hit the ropes. Eventually, inevitably, this broke into a fight between the two factions at ringside. With the referee distracted by the fracas, Steve Maclin came to from the back and delivered a DDT to Edwards. He then picked up the Kendo Stick and reared back to hit Eddie with it but instead struck Rhino across the back, allowing the new leader of Honor No More to pick up the win with the Boston Knee Party.

Jez’s Pick: Eddie Edwards
Dan’s Pick: Eddie Edwards
Winner: Eddie Edwards
Jez 2 – Dan 2

IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Championship – The IInspiration (c) vs. The Influence

In a match for the IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Championships, The IInspiration defended the gold against The Influence. The match start was catty but soon got more physical after Rayne and Dashwood bounced McKay and Lee off the ring apron and barricades. This allowed The Influence to double team Jessie McKay and make frequent tags. When Cassie Lee made it back to the apron, the hot tag was made and momentum swung back to the champions. Although banished from the match, Kaleb with a K came to ringside and was the difference in the match. Kaleb slid a championship belt to Tenille Dashwood who used it to great effect and made the cover to claim the IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Championships.

Jez’s Pick: The IInspiration
Dan’s Pick: The IInspiration
Winner: The Influence
Jez 2 – Dan 2

Before the next contest, Brian Myers once again took his place at ringside for commentary but he was quickly chased away by W. Morrissey, who put a security guard though a table… because why not?

Jonah vs. P.C.O.

Next up at Sacrifice was the battle of the big men with Jonah taking on Honor No More’s P.C.O. The match quickly spilled out of the ring where Jonah was sent head first into the ringpost and P.C.O. was Russian Leg Sweeped on the ramp. Still refusing to keep the match in the ring, P.C.O. dived out of the ring onto Jonah and followed it up with the Deanimator on the apron. When the match finally got back in the ring, Jonah took control but he could not put down P.C.O. as he refused to quit. Through frustration and desperation, Jonah took the match back to ringside and, after slamming P.C.O. head first into the steps, he delivered a stiff Tombstone Piledriver onto the steps, Powerbombed him onto the floor and tossed him back into the ring to deliver a Tsunami and pick up the hardest fought win of Jonah’s IMPACT career.

Jez’s Pick: Jonah
Dan’s Pick: Jonah
Winner: Jonah
Jez 3 – Dan 3

“Switchblade” Jay White vs. Alex Shelley

An old rivalry was renewed next as “Switchblade” Jay White took on his first opponent in New Japan Pro Wrestling, IMPACT Wrestling legend, Alex Shelley. As the early portion of the match developed, it seemed that Alex Shelley was very much in the head of his mentee and the Motor City Machine Gun exploited his knowledge of Jay White to avoid big moves. This may have all been a game, though, as after White got his knees up to avoid damage, he launched into a systematic assault of his former mentor, slamming him ribs and shoulder first into the ring apron. This frustrated Shelley who launched into several reckless, high paced attacks on White but the Switchblade had an answer each time and maintained his momentum. White attempted to go for a Urinagi but Shelley fought out with deep chops. The leader of Bullet Club eventually managed to hit his Urinagi but Shelley reached the ropes and survived a little longer. The pair exchanged near finishes as the arm of Jay White started to trouble him. As White escaped the ring to give his arm a chance to recover, White attempted a Springboard that was countered into a Blade Runner against the ring apron. The pair clambered back into the ring where White went for a second Blade Runner but Shelley turned it round into one of his own. Shelley tried to capitalise by going straight into the Border City Stretch but White escaped, hit a brutal Blade Runner and covered Alex Shelley to pick up a huge win. After the match, Shelley held out his hand for a handshake but White laughed it off and walked away.

Jez’s Pick: Jay White
Dan’s Pick: Jay White
Winner: Jay White
Jez 4 – Dan 4

Deonna Purrazzo’s Champ Champ Open Challenge

It was time for the Champ Champ Open Challenge next at Sacrifice with Chelsea Green challenging Deonna Purrazzo for the Ring of Honor Women’s Championship. The match started off in the catch-as-catch-can style within the ring but when Purrazzo took a breather at the bottom of the ramp, Chelsea Green launched herself through the ropes at the champion, almost overshooting her completely. Purrazzo took this misstep as an opportunity to chain together hard strikes and submissions and hold on to the wrist of her challenge to prevent her from escaping. However, Chelsea Green did escape and began to fire up for a time, pressing Purrazzo’s face into the bottom turnbuckle and stealing the champ’s Fujiwara Armbar. Green went for another submission but Purrazzo countered out of it and damaged Green’s wrist in the process. The referee held Purrazzo off for a moment but when Green shoved her away, The Virtuosa went for the kill and locked in her own Fujiwara Armbar. The match ended but Purrazzo did not relent and had to be chased away by Mickie James.

Jez’s Pick: N/A
Dan’s Pick: N/A
Winner: Deonna Purrazzo
Jez 4 – Dan 4

IMPACT Knockouts World Championship – Mickie James (c) vs. Tasha Steelz

With Mickie James still tending to her fallen friend, Chelsea Green, Tasha Steelz marched to the ring to demand the start of her title match against the Knockouts World Champion. Steelz jumped James after the introductions and continued her attack as the bell rang. This was shortlived, though, as the champion channelled her rage at Deonna Purrazzo hurting her friend into beating down her challenger. As James went for the submission victory, Savannah Evans tried to attack Green but Mickie released her submission to intervene. Steelz took advantage and surprised the champion with a dive out of the ring and followed it up tossing James into the ring steps. Steelz slowed things down here and brought the fight to her opponent, locked in submissions and tested the official’s five count on several occasions. Mickie James did fight her way back into the match and, after hitting the Mick-D-T, she had the opportunity to pick up the win but Savannah Evans once again made her presence felt and diverted the champ’s attention. This distraction allowed Steelz to hit the Blackout but it did not keep James down for three. Mickie took to the top rope but she was held up by Evans once again. As James did eventually dive from the top rope, Steelz countered it into a Cutter and pinned Mickie to become the NEW IMPACT Knockouts World Champion.

Jez’s Pick: Tasha Steelz
Dan’s Pick: Mickie James
Winner: Tasha Steelz
Jez 5 – Dan 4

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship – The Good Brothers (c) vs. Violent By Design

In our next championship contest, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson defended their IMPACT World Tag Team Championships against Eric Young and Joe Doering, Violent By Design. Young and Anderson started out the physically charged contest before they tagged out to their big men, Gallows and Doering. Despite a big collision of meat, neither team could gain a prolonged advantage in the match for very long and men on both sides managed to gain very close nearfalls throughout the contest. As Gallows and Young fought their way up the ramp, Joe Doering showed his dominance in the ring, crushing Anderson with a huge clothesline. Eric Young returned to the ring to execute a double team Powerbomb/Neckbreaker combination and Doering pinned Anderson to crown his team the NEW IMPACT World Tag Team Champions.

Jez’s Pick: Good Brothers
Dan’s Pick: Good Brothers
Winner: Violent By Design
Jez 5 – Dan 4

IMPACT World Championship – Moose (c) vs. Heath

In the main event, the IMPACT World Championship was on the line as the champion, Moose, defended against Heath. As the bell rang, the two men came face to face in the centre of the ring. Moose tried to dominate Heath but the challenger stayed light on his feet and was able to avoid the champion for a time. However, it wasn’t long before Moose caught up with him and the beatdown from the self proclaimed ‘Wrestling God’ began. This beating continued outside the ring where Moose forced Heath into the ringpost and threw him against the ring steps. Heath was taken apart systematically for the majority of the contest until Moose was sent out of the ring with a surprise Back-Body Drop. It was here that Heath had a flurry of offense but it was shortlived and Moose soon picked up the win with a Urinagi followed by a Spear. After the match, the “sent home” Josh Alexander snuck up behind Moose and delivered a C4 Spike to the champion. On the mic, Alexander revealed that he had signed a multi year contract with IMPACT Wrestling but also had finally booked his World Title match against Moose at the next pay-per-view, Rebellion.

Jez’s Pick: Moose
Dan’s Pick: Moose
Winner: Moose
Jez 6 – Dan 5

Final Rating

Dan awards 2.5 out of 5 IMPACT Multi Year Contracts
Jez awards 3 out of 5 IMPACT Multi Year Contracts

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