The Main Event Podcast #91 – WWE Elimination Chamber 2022

As is often par for the course in WWE, their February premium live event, Elimination Chamber, split the opinion of fans around the world. There were some highly anticipated matches as well as the return of some WWE Hall of Fame Superstars to the ring. Who came out on top? Was the event an enjoyable one? Join Jez and Dan to take you through all the action.

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Kickoff Show – The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio

The evening’s action got underway on the Elimination Chamber Kickoff Show when The Miz went one-on-one with Rey Mysterio. Miz started the match quickly, going on the offensive against Mysterio and stopping to celebrate along the way. This would cost Miz and he would almost fall victim to a 619 but in escaping from the ring he was distracted by Dominick and Rey was able to knock down Miz and deliver a splash, sliding from the ring and onto the prone Miz at ringside. Later in the match, Miz tried to escape again but Dominick sent him back into the ring behind the referee’s back. Dominick would get involved again, slapping Miz with the official’s back turned. As the match appeared to be reaching a conclusion, Miz was hit with the 619 and Rey headed to the top rope to finish him off with a splash. Miz, however, escaped from the ring and went to get a steel chair. Dominick cut Miz off and, after Miz channelled his best Eddie Guererro, he convinced the official that Dom had hit him with the chair. Dominick was ejected and Miz returned to the ring to be surprised by a rollup and pinned for the 1-2-3. After the match, the Mysterios channelled Eddie Guererro themselves and double teamed Miz with a pair of Frogsplashes. Later in the night, Miz claimed he would find a tag team partner to take on the Mysterios at WrestleMania.

Jez’s Pick: The Miz
Dan’s Pick: The Miz
Winner: Rey Mysterio
Jez 0 – Dan 0

Universal Championship – Roman Reigns (c) vs. Goldberg

The opening contest at Elimination Chamber was the match two years in the making. Originally scheduled for WrestleMania in 2020 and cancelled due to the pandemic, Roman Reigns defended his Universal Championship against Goldberg. After making his way to the ring, the Tribal Chief took a microphone and demanded that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia acknowledge him. This only grew the chants for the challenger amongst the live crowd and the WWE Hall of Famer, Goldberg made his way to the ring. When the bell rang, the pair locked up and Goldberg drove Reigns backwards. Unhappy with this, the champion opened up with right hands and headbutts before sending Goldberg out of the ring. The pair fought evenly against the announce table but when the fight returned to the ring, Goldberg surprised the Head of the Table with a spear. Goldberg looked to put it away with the Jackhammer but Reigns countered with a Urinagi and got a nearfall. Attempting to retain his momentum, Reigns delivered a Superman Punch but once again was taken off guard with another massive Spear from Goldberg. Another attempt at the Jackhammer was thwarted by Reigns who instead locked in the Guillotine on the Hall of Famer. Goldberg fought hard to escape the manoeuvre but after Reigns took him down to the mat, he faded and Roman Reigns was declared the winner by submission.

Jez’s Pick: Roman Reigns
Dan’s Pick: Roman Reigns
Winner: Roman Reigns
Jez 1 – Dan 1

RAW Women’s Championship #1 Contendership Elimination Chamber Match – Liv Morgan vs. Bianca Belair vs. Rhea Ripley vs. Nikki A.S.H. vs. Alexa Bliss

The next match was the first of the night’s Elimination Chamber matches with Liv Morgan, Bianca Belair, Rhea Ripley, Nikki A.S.H. and Alexa Bliss vying for an opportunity at the RAW Women’s Championship at WrestleMania. The match began with Liv Morgan and Nikki A.S.H. one-on-one in the ring. The brawl between the two soon spilled to the outside of the ring and Morgan found herself bounced off the chains and pinballed off the ringpost before Doudrop joined the match. Nikki tried to form a partnership with Doudrop but Doudrop headbutted her and reminded the almost superhero that there were no partners inside Elimination Chamber. Doudrop took care of all three of her opponents with dominance before running with a full head of steam into the ringpost. As Nikki celebrated getting out of the way, Rhea Ripley was released from her pod and so Nikki tried to scale the cage and escape. Ripley caught her, dragged her down and, inside the ring, hit Riptipe and eliminated her former friend and tag team partner. Alexa Bliss joined the match next and came up against Ripley and Morgan in quick succession. As the fight between Bliss and Ripley peeled away, Morgan faced Doudrop in the ring and was able to eliminate her much larger opponent after a huge Sunset Flip Powerbomb from the middle rope. With Morgan favouring her knee, the match’s final entrant, Bianca Belair, entered the fray. After bodypressing Liv Morgan with one arm, she came face to face with the woman whom she defeated in the gauntlet match on Monday Night before teaming up to take down Liv and Alexa with simultaneous vertical suplexes. The rivalry turned nasty as Ripley slapped Belair and a free-for-all ensued. Alexa Bliss caught Morgan off guard and eliminated her after Twisted Bliss. Bliss looked to stack another elimination by DDTing Ripley but was interrupted by Belair who delivered the K.O.D. and eliminated her herself. The final two women in the match, Bliss and Belair fought in and out of the ring. Belair looked to finish things with a 450 Splash from the top rope but Alexa avoided it and tried to get the win with a DDT. The pair countered each other back and forth and achieved some nearfalls but the end of the match came when Belair was able to hit another K.O.D. and pin Bliss to earn her way to a second WrestleMania main event in a row.

Jez’s Pick: Rhea Ripley
Dan’s Pick: Alexa Bliss
Winner: Bianca Belair
Jez 1 – Dan 1

Charlotte Flair and Sonya Deville vs. Naomi and Ronda Rousey

Our next battle was the tag team battle between the team of SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair and Sonya Deville and their opponents Naomi and Royal Rumble winner Ronda Rousey. Per the stipulation imposed by Sonya Deville, Rousey would have to fight this match with one arm behind her back. Before Deville started the match against Rousey, she revealed that her arm was fine and took off the sling that she wore to the ring. Deville was kicked in the head a few times before Rousey asked for Charlotte to be tagged in. Flair teased Rousey with entry but decided against it and so Naomi was tagged in to face her nemesis, Deville. The pair fought well and Naomi soon tagged back out but the momentum changed in the match when Charlotte jumped Rousey from behind. The SmackDown Women’s Champion really started to exploit the one-armed Rousey. Charlotte used many dirty tactics to grind down her opponent including hair pulling, arm twisting and preventing tags by dragging her by the rope tied around her arm and waist. A brief break following a hot tag to Naomi allowed the Baddest Woman on the Planet to regroup and she locked Sonya Deville in a one armed Armbar and ‘Cruella’ tapped out as Charlotte looked on.

Jez’s Pick: Rousey/Naomi
Dan’s Pick: Rousey/Naomi
Winner: Rousey/Naomi
Jez 2 – Dan 2

Falls Count Anywhere – Drew McIntyre vs. Madcap Moss

In the next bout, falls would count anywhere as Madcap Moss, accompanied by Happy Corbin, faced off against Drew McIntyre. Taking advantage of the lack of rules, both Madcap and Corbin jumped the Scottish Warrior as the bell rang but Drew soon fought them off and the fight spilled up the ramp. Every time it looked like McIntyre would get some offense in, Corbin got involved and swung momentum back to his jester, Madcap Moss. Back in the ring, McIntyre was able to take control and, after dumping Moss on his head with a reverse Alabama Slam, he tossed him over the announce table at ringside. The presence of Corbin continued to be a thorn in Drew’s side, though, as he hit him with a steel chair and drove him through the barricade at ringside. However, as McIntyre has done in the past, he put an end to the interference by wielding Angela, his sword, and after chasing Happy Corbin away he delivered a Claymore with sword in hand and pinned Moss to win the match.

Jez’s Pick: Drew McIntyre
Dan’s Pick: Drew McIntyre
Winner: Drew McIntyre
Jez 3 – Dan 3

RAW Women’s Championship – Becky Lynch (c) vs. Lita

The next contest was for the RAW Women’s Championship with the reigning champ, Big Time Becks, Becky Lynch defending against WWE Hall of Famer, Lita. As the match began, Lita took Becky off her game with an early shoulder barge and so Lynch retaliated with a slap. Despite this, Lita kept on the momentum and went for the Twist of Fate but Becky escaped it and began to take over the match, grounding Lita with aggressive strikes and boots. This continued for a while with the commentary team questioning whether Lita was outmatched by her opponent but just as that doubt began to settle in, Lita countered a Bexploder Suplex into a DDT and finally showed signs of life in the match. Later in the match, after paying homage to her frenemy Trish Stratus, Lita went for the moonsault but Becky once again avoided it and locked her in the Dis-arm-her. When this didn’t work, she hit the Manhandle Slam but Lita put her foot on the bottom rope. Once again, Lita climbed to the top rope for the Moonsault and this time she was successful but Lynch kicked out of the cover. As both women rose to their feet, Becky surprised Lita with another Manhandle Slam and was this time able to pick up the 1-2-3 and retain the RAW Women’s Championship.

Jez’s Pick: Becky Lynch
Dan’s Pick: Becky Lynch
Winner: Becky Lynch
Jez 4 – Dan 4

SmackDown Tag Team Championships – The Usos (c) vs. The Viking Raiders

In our next match, the War Viking Machine Raider Experience sought to win tag team gold when they faced The Usos for their SmackDown Tag Team Championships. As the Vikings made their way to the ring, they were jumped at the bottom of the ramp by Jimmy and Jey. The Usos took apart their challengers and as a result, the match never took place.

Jez’s Pick: Viking Raiders
Dan’s Pick: The Usos
Winner: No Contest
Jez 4 – Dan 4

WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match – Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Riddle vs. Seth “Freakin” Rollins vs. Austin Theory vs. AJ Styles vs. Brock Lesnar

The main event was the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match with Bobby Lashley defending against Riddle, Seth “Freakin” Rollins, Austin Theory, AJ Styles and, the former champion, Brock Lesnar. The two men to start the match were Rollins and Theory. Rollins took easy control of the young upstart, Theory, in the early going. As the time grew near for the next superstar to enter, Rollins powerbombed Theory through Bobby Lashley’s pod, taking down the champion and trapping him under the plexiglass. Riddle was next to enter and went to battle with Rollins. As medical officials removed Lashley from the Chamber, Rollins delivered a reverse suplex to Riddle. AJ Styles entered next and quickly got a nearfall on Rollins. With no eliminations, and Lashley eliminated with concussion, the four men in the match counted down to the release of the Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar. Brock was less patient and broke his way out of the pod before the time and eliminated Rollins and Riddle with quick F5s. He turned his attention to Styles and soon eliminated him, leaving him alone with Austin Theory. Lesnar chased down the rookie and was in the process of systematically tearing him apart when Theory, out of desperation, nailed Lesnar with a low blow. Theory got Lesnar in the ring for a nearfall but he quickly realised the error he had made and tried to escape through the top of the Chamber. Caught on top of a pod, Theory was soon atop the shoulders of Lesnar and sent crashing down to ringside with an F5. With victory now inevitable, Brock took his time getting Austin Theory back into the ring and pinning him to become the NEW WWE Champion.

Jez’s Pick: Brock Lesnar
Dan’s Pick: Brock Lesnar
Winner: Brock Lesnar
Jez 5 – Dan 5

Final Rating

Dan awards 3.5 out of 5 Broken Chamber Pods
Jez also awards 3.5 out of 5 Broken Chamber Pods

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