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The Main Event Podcast #89 – AEW Beach Break 2022

The Main Event Podcast turns its sights to All Elite Wrestling today, taking a look back at the Beach Break two night event. We’ll discuss everything that happened on Dynamite and Rampage as well as what is to come in AEW. Tune in and join the conversation!

TNT Championship Unification Ladder Match – Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Sammy Guevara (c)

The two-night Beach Break event got started with a bang when TNT Champion, Cody Rhodes, faced Interim TNT Champion, Sammy Guevara, in a Unification Ladder Match. The match began traditionally with chain wrestling in the middle of the ring but soon Cody left the ring and secured the first ladder of the contest. Rhodes set the ladder up balanced between the ring and a barricade but Guevara struck with a distraction and the pair fought through the crowd instead. Sammy grabbed a taller ladder than the first and, with the fight back in the ring, used it as a battering ram to the head of Rhodes. Guevara climbed the ladder to retrieve the belts but Cody caught him and soon delivered a huge suplex from the top of the ladder to the ring below. During commercial, the taller ladder was turned upside down and, when we returned to action, Sammy was dropped on the struts and figure four leg locked between the rungs of the ladder. Satisfied that he had worn Guevara down, Cody set up the taller ladder and climbed for the belts but Sammy was not out and, leapfrogging from the top turnbuckle to the shorter ladder, he dived at Cody and dropped him from the top of the ladder with a huge Cutter. Sammy climbed the ladder himself but it was pushed over by Cody. As both men climbed the ladders again, Rhodes delivered Crossrhodes to Guevara and again went for the win but Sammy popped up and the match continued. Back at ringside, the first ladder came back into play. With Rhodes placed on top of the ladder, Sammy climbed to the top of another and delivered a Jeff Hardy at WrestleMania 17 like Swanton Bomb on to Cody. Guevara climbed the ladder in the ring and Rhodes had enough left to chase after him but, after Sammy hit Cody in the head with the championship belts, he sent him crashing to the ring and was able to secure the belts to become the Undisputed TNT Champion.

Jez’s Pick: Sammy Guevara
Dan’s Pick: Cody Rhodes
Winner: Sammy Guevara
Jez 1 – Dan 0

Wardlow vs. Elijah Dean and Jake Alexander

In the next contest, hometown boy Wardlow took on two jobbers in a 2-on-1 handicap match. With very little to write about in this match, Wardlow made light work of the pair with multiple powerbombs and walked out with the victory.

Jez’s Pick: N/A
Dan’s Pick: N/A
Winner: Wardlow
Jez 1 – Dan 0

The Inner Circle vs. Daniel Garcia & 2Point0

With some cracks beginning to form in The Inner Circle, Chris Jericho, Santana and Ortiz took on Daniel Garcia and 2Point0 in the next contest at Beach Break. Jericho was set to start the match but Santana blind tagged himself in and got the fight started himself. While the opposition teamed well, tagging in and out all three members of their trio, Santana and Ortiz kept the match between each other, refusing to tag in Jericho. Chris Jericho would be the difference in the match, though, as he hit the Judas Effect to Matt Lee from outside the ring, allowing Santana to pick up the win.

Jez’s Pick: Inner Circle
Dan’s Pick: Inner Circle
Winner: Inner Circle
Jez 2 – Dan 1

CM Punk Speaks

In a break from the in-ring action, CM Punk made his way to the ring to address the crowd in Cleveland. Punk asked the audience if they were sick of hearing him talk yet because he said that he was done talking and that’s why he was dressed to fight. He said that he wanted to fight MJF and wanted to call out Friedman out for a fight on that very night. He didn’t expect him to answer the call and would instead send one of his Pinnacle teammates but MJF did indeed make his way out… to the ramp at least. Max asked Cleveland if they wanted to see him wrestle Punk tonight but MJF said no because he wouldn’t waste a quality fight on Cleveland, Ohio. He did, however, agree to fight him next week in Chicago. MJF continued his verbal attack on Punk, saying that Punk would abandon the fans again after he beats him just like he did in 2014. MJF then brought in some backup and The Pinnacle jumped Punk from behind. The group assaulted him with a steel chair, choked him with a scarf and powerbombed him. MJF then sat on him cross-legged and closed with the statement that next week Punk’s journey would end where it began… Chicago, Illinois.

Red Velvet vs. “Legit” Leyla Hirsch

The next contest was the battle of former friends with “Legit” Leyla Hirsch facing Red Velvet. After being blindsided the week before by Hirsch, Velvet charged the ring during her entrance and got the match started quickly. Inside the ring, Red Velvet controlled the match with holds and submissions but outside the ring the brawling style of Hirsch was more dominant. As the match progressed, the more aggressive style of Hirsch overwhelmed her opponent as the Russian also added strikes and submissions to her assault. Red Velvet survived well but Hirsch resorted to cheap tactics to win, rolling up Velvet and pulling the tights to keep her down for a 1-2-3. After the match, Hirsch locked Velvet an armbar and had to be saved by Kris Statlander.

Jez’s Pick: “Legit” Leyla Hirsch
Dan’s Pick: Red Velvet
Winner: “Legit” Leyla Hirsch
Jez 3 – Dan 1

Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. Speaks

Before her man took part in the main event, AEW Women’s World Champion, Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. made her way to the ring for a long overdue update on her and the year that she had in 2021, winning multiple awards from Pro Wrestling Illustrated and, of course, the Women’s World Championship. Ever the heel, she got a dig in on Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns before adding that she wasn’t done with the accolades yet and that she would turn her Woman of the Year award into the Woman of the Decade award.

Lights Out Match – Adam Cole vs. Orange Cassidy

In the Dynamite main event, a personal score would be settled in a Lights Out Match with Adam Cole facing off against Orange Cassidy. After Cassidy symbolically crushed his sunglasses, the two went to war, starting the contest with stuff right hands. The match spilled outside of the ring and each man found themselves bounced around ringside. As Cole went for a steel chair underneath the ring, he pulled out not only the chair but Danhausen as well, who stuck his thumb up at Cole before leaving the arena. After Cole weakened the hand of Cassidy, crushing it in the ring steps, he went for more weaponry under the ring. Cole really started to enjoy himself here, putting Cassidy inside a trash can and dropkicking it as well as restricting his movement with a chain while delivering a backstabber. Cassidy fought back but the now lacerated and bloody hand of Orange took away part of his arsenal in the match. Distractions from multiple run-ins allowed Cassidy to hit the Orange Punch but this hurt his injured hand and he could not capitalise with the cover. Adam Cole ran away from the ring and the pair took their battle to the Gorilla Position, then back to the stage. Cole climbed up a truss, followed closely by Cassidy who delivered a low blow to Adam Cole before Cassidy threw both men off the truss and crashing through the stage. Amongst the wreckage, Orange Cassidy pinned Adam Cole to pick up the win and bring to an end a very personal rivalry.

Jez’s Pick: Adam Cole
Dan’s Pick: Adam Cole
Winner: Orange Cassidy
Jez 3 – Dan 1

Jon Moxley vs. Anthony Bowens

The opening contest on Rampage saw Jon Moxley take on Anthony Bowens. After being riled up by the entrance rap of Bowens’ Acclaimed partner, Max Castor, Mox took the fight to Bowens with heavy strikes. The fight quickly left the ring and Bowens found himself bounced around the ring barricades while Mox enjoyed himself. Back in the ring, things became more even as Bowens was able to finally get in some offense thanks to the distractions of Max Castor. However, Mox soon evened the score, throwing Bowens out of the ring and on to his partner, taking him down. Castor soon revived and once again interjected himself in the match but Mox was wise to it, took care of Castor and hit the Paradigm Shift on Anthony Bowens to pick up the win. After the match, Bryan Danielson was pictured watching the match on a monitor, suggesting future competition is coming between the two men.

Jez’s Pick: Jon Moxley
Dan’s Pick: Jon Moxley
Winner: Jon Moxley
Jez 4 – Dan 2

“Shotty” Lee Johnson and Brock Anderson vs. FTR

The next contest saw “Shotty” Lee Johnson and Brock Anderson vs. FTR and started quickly, without ring entrances or introductions. In the early going, Johnson and Anderson held their own well against the more experienced FTR, including a prolonged technical battle between Brock Anderson and Dax Harwood. Anderson would return to the ring later, off the hot tag of Johnson and clean house before getting a nearfall on Cash Wheeler. Johnson tagged back in and picked up a nearfall of his own before the battle turned to ringside where we saw a battle of former Four Horsemen, Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard. This distraction was enough to allow FTR to deliver a Spike Piledriver to “Shotty” and collect the 1-2-3.

Jez’s Pick: “Shotty” Lee Johnson and Brock Anderson
Dan’s Pick: FTR
Winner: FTR
Jez 4 – Dan 3

TBS Championship – Jade Cargill (c) vs. Julia Hart

The next match was for the TBS Championship as the undefeated champion, Jade Cargill, took on young challenger, Julia Hart. The champion, Cargill, used her size and strength to dominate her challenger and show off with press-ups and sit-ups. Hart got some offense in during the match but this just pissed Cargill off and the champion retained her title with Jaded – her version of the Glam Slam.

Jez’s Pick: Jade Cargill
Dan’s Pick: Jade Cargill
Winner: Jade Cargill
Jez 5 – Dan 4

AEW World Tag Team Championship – Jurassic Express (c) vs. Private Party

The final match of Beach Break and the main event of Rampage was for the AEW World Tag Team Championship with Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus, accompanied by Christian Cage, defending the gold against Private Party, accompanied by Matt Hardy and The Blade. As Jurassic Express made their way to the ring, they were distracted by future challengers Austin and Colton Gunn in the crowd which allowed Private Party to jump the tag champs and start the match. The got Jungle Boy in the ring and immediately hit Gin and Juice but Jungle Boy was able to kick out of the cover. Private Party continued to double team Jungle Boy but he was still able to make the tag to Luchasaurus, which sent the challengers scurrying from the ring. With the referee occupied by Private Party, Matt Hardy and The Blade attacked the knee of Luchasaurus with a steel chair. With his dinosaur weakened, Jungle Boy evened the score with a series of dives from inside the ring to out, keeping the attack on Private Party. The action remained chaotic as the match progressed with the referee doing little prevent illegal men from taking part in the match but the champions were eventually able to retain, defeating Private Party with the Thoracic Express. After the match, the Gunn Club stormed the ring and left the champions laying as Beach Break came to a close.

Jez’s Pick: Jurassic Express
Dan’s Pick: Jurassic Express
Winner: Jurassic Express
Jez 6 – Dan 5

Final Rating

Dan awards 2.5 out of 5 MJF Burberry Scarves
Jez also awards 3.5 out of 5 MJF Burberry Scarves

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