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The Main Event Podcast #84 – WWE Day 1

Hitting 2022 hard with the WWE Day 1 Premium Live Event. Join Jez and Dan for The Main Event Podcast where we discuss all of the matches, botches, good things and bad things about WWE’s first show of the year!

Kickoff Show: Ridge Holland and Sheamus vs. Cesaro and Ricochet

In a match not previously announced, Sheamus and Ridge Holland took on Cesaro and Ricochet on the Day 1 Kickoff Show. In the early portion of the match, Ridge Holland suffered a nose injury, likely a broken nose, after Ricochet landed with the full force of his boot on the face of the Englishman. With Holland out, Sheamus dominated Ricochet, using his size and strength to ground the high flyer. After hitting a surprise tornado DDT on the Celtic Warrior, Ricochet was finally able to tag in his teammate and reunite the former Bar partners, Sheamus and Cesaro. The Swiss Superman took over quickly and was soon able to put Cesaro in a long big swing and lock in the Sharpshooter, but Sheamus reached to ropes to break the hold. After Ricochet intervened in a Sheamus nearfall, he was taken out of the match with White Noise at ringside. Now one on one, Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick on Cesaro and picked up the win all by himself.

Jez’s Pick: N/A
Dan’s Pick: N/A
Winner: Sheamus (and Ridge Holland)

Jez 0 – Dan 0

SmackDown Tag Team Championship – The Usos (c) vs. The New Day

The opening contest of the Day 1 Premium Live Event saw the SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos defend their titles against The New Day – King Woods and Sir Kofi. The King of the Ring and hometown boy Xavier Woods started the match against Jimmy Uso, who is neither a King or from Atlanta, for those keeping score. The Usos double teamed Kofi for much of the early portion of the match, not allowing him to take out to Woods while making frequent tags themselves. However, in a repeat from the kickoff show, Kingston was able to hit a tornado DDT on his opponent and reach out to make the hot tag. Woods started well and used the fact he was fully rested to his advantage but it wasn’t long before the double teaming of The Usos wore down the King and forced him to tag back out to Kofi Kingston. Still using double teaming to great effect, Jimmy Uso began to target the knee of Kingston and almost forced a tap but after reaching the ropes, Woods became involved again and The New Day almost put their opponents away. The Usos returned the favour, nearly retaining the belts with double Uso Splashes. The deed was finally done by the champions, though, after the brothers hit Kofi Kingston with a surprise 3D and made the pin to remain SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

Jez’s Pick: The New Day
Dan’s Pick: The Usos
Winner: The Usos
Jez 0 – Dan 1

Drew McIntyre vs. Madcap Moss

The next contest saw the Scottish Warrior Drew McIntyre take on Madcap Moss. Before the match, Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss took to the mic, getting some cheap heat from the crowd with insults and bad jokes. After making his way to the ring, McIntyre unloaded on Moss, tearing open his shirt and beating him down with vicious chops and clubbing forearms. Outside of the ring, Corbin tried to distract McIntyre but he was unable and Moss found himself splattered on the floor after a Belly to Belly Suplex. However, as he returned Moss to the ring, the Corbin distraction worked and Madcap launched McIntyre into the ringpost and began to wear down his larger opponent. In his excitement Moss got a little overzealous and missed a shoulder tackle on Drew, instead crashing into the turnbuckle. The competition went back and forth for a while but McIntyre secured a nearfall with the Futureshock DDT and soon followed it up with the Claymore to pick up the win. Later in the night, Corbin and Moss jumped McIntyre backstage and left him laying, using a steel chair and a metal truss to severely injure the Scottish Warrior.

Jez’s Pick: Drew McIntyre
Dan’s Pick: Drew McIntyre
Winner: Drew McIntyre
Jez 1 – Dan 2

RAW Tag Team Championship – RK-Bro (c) vs. The Street Profits

In the next match, the winners of the RK-Bronament, the Street Profits, took on the RAW Tag Team Champions, RK-Bro, accompanied by rap group, Migos. Riddle and Angelo Dawkins started the match but with each team tagging in and out frequently, no team held the momentum of the match for too long. With Orton and Montez Ford the legal men, Orton was sent shoulder first through the turnbuckle and into the ringpost. This didn’t thwart the retention hopes of the champions, though, as Riddle got involved and launched Ford high into the air to be hit with the RKO on the way back down. Orton made the cover and RK-Bro were victorious. Despite the loss, the Street Profits celebrated in the ring with the RAW Tag Team Champions and Migos.

Jez’s Pick: RK-Bro
Dan’s Pick: RK-Bro
Winner: RK-Bro
Jez 2 – Dan 3

Edge vs. The Miz

Next up, was the contest between The Miz and Edge. The Miz made his way to the ring accompanied by Maryse, whereas Edge arrived alone but rope through flames to the sound of The Brood’s music. When the match began, it was a technically sound affair with each man executing move, counter move, hold and counter hold. After Miz turned dirty, he took control of the match and grounded the Rated R Superstar but, when Miz took the match outside of the ring, he lost control of the match and found himself victim of an Egde-O-Matic on the floor. As the momentum continued to swing back and forth between the two men, several nearfalls were exchanged and each man came close to submitting. The Miz tried to win with his feet on the ropes but he was caught by the official. He once again nearly cheated his way to victory after faking a knee injury, distracting the referee and allowing Maryse to hit Edge in the head but even after a Skull Crushing Finale, Edge kicked out at 2. This brought Beth Phoenix to ringside to chase away Maryse and, distracted by the moment, Miz turned around into the Spear of Edge and the Rated R Superstar picked up the 1-2-3.

Jez’s Pick: The Miz
Dan’s Pick: Edge
Winner: Edge
Jez 2 – Dan 4

RAW Women’s Championship – Becky Lynch (c) vs. Liv Morgan

Our penultimate contest was for the RAW Women’s Championship with reigning champ Big Time Becks, Becky Lynch defending against Liv Morgan. Becky Lynch attacked her challenger with aggression in the early part of the match but the confident, young challenger, Morgan, kept her composure and eluded the champion with quick feet and excellent counters. While Becky Lynch soon began to shift momentum in her own direction, she became increasingly angry at the resilience of Morgan and grew in frustration that she couldn’t keep her determined challenger down for 3. When Lynch locked in the Dis-arm-her, Morgan reached her feet to the ropes and the champion began to become unhinged, bouncing Morgan’s face off the announce table and attempting to throw her into the ring steps. Morgan countered this though and the steps to weaken the arm of Lynch. Back in the ring, Morgan almost secured a submission victory with the Rings of Saturn but Lynch rolled out of the move. Finally, Liv went for Ob-Liv-ion but Becky held strong and turned the move into the Manhandle Slam to retain her RAW Women’s Championship.

Jez’s Pick: Becky Lynch
Dan’s Pick: Becky Lynch
Winner: Becky Lynch
Jez 3 – Dan 5

WWE Championship – Big E (c) vs. Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Brock Lesnar 

The Day 1 main event was the Fatal Five Way match for the WWE Championship with Big E defending his gold against Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar. As the bell rung, Rollins and Owens jumped Lesnar in an attempt to quickly remove him from the situation but after a visit to Suplex City for the pair, Brock dispatched with Owens and Rollins, tossing them out of the ring. Big E struck next and was able to send the Beast Incarnate over the top rope to ringside. With Lesnar stumbling, Lashley picked up a head of steam and speared him through the ring barricade, taking him out of the match – at least for a few moments. Rollins and Owens teamed up once again, taking out Bobby Lashley with the steel steps. After Big E put Lashley through the announce table, the fight returned to the ring and Owens went for the kill on the champion with the pop-up powerbomb. As Rollins tried to finish the job, all hell broke loose once again as Lesnar returned to the ring, delivering F5s to Rollins, Owens and Big E but then being surprised by a Spear from Lashley. The All Mighty put Lesnar in the Hurt Lock and Lesnar was actually fading before Big E broke it up. Big E hit the Big Ending on Lashley before walking into the F5 and being pinned to lose his WWE Championship. The first premium live event of 2022 ends in a way nobody expected… with Brock Lesnar holding his WWE Championship high above his head.

Jez’s Pick: Seth Rollins (also said Lesnar would win Universal Title)
Dan’s Pick: Big E
Winner: Brock Lesnar
Jez 3.5 – Dan 5

Final Rating

Dan awards 3.5 Broken Ridge Holland Noses Out of 5
Jez also awards 3 Broken Ridge Holland Noses Out of 5

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