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Jez plays… American Truck Simulator

American Truck Simulator is a truck simulator game developed and published by the Czech company SCS Software. It was announced as being in development in September 2013 and unveiled at the E3 2015. It was released on 2 February 2016 for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS. The game is the parallel sequel to Euro Truck Simulator 2, the spiritual successor of 18 Wheels of Steel, and the third instalment in the Truck Simulator series. Set in a condensed depiction of United States, the player can drive one of a choice of American-style conventional trucks, visiting various locations across the U.S., picking up a variety of cargos, and delivering them to its destination. Since its release, the game has sold over 2 million copies on Steam.

My first live truckin’ took place on January 25th, 2021 and I decided to get in character with my truckin’ shirt and Route 66 cap.

In my first stream on Facebook Gaming, I’m joined by Rhysage1 and Duff Valley to try out the new convoy mode in the American Truck Simulator 1.41 beta. It was a great laugh and we were joined by some old friends, too.


Back for my second stream on Facebook Gaming, trucking USA once again and convoying with good buddy Rhysage1.

A busy day concludes with a little bit of casual trucking with good buddy, Rhysage1.

Crashing into your lives like a Mack truck for the second time in one day, join the incomparable trio of Rhys, Duff and me as we once again endeavour to write off each others transportation automobiles. Carnage guaranteed.

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