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The Effing Racing Show #24 – 2021 Monaco Grand Prix

The Effing Racing Show is back under the lights and alongside the yachts in Monaco! After a thrilling Formula E race a few weeks ago, will the pinnacle of motor racing provide better entertainment? Join us live for the watchalong of the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix.

This episode of The Effing Racing Show was broadcast exclusively live on Twitch. Watch the replay on YouTube or listen to the show in podcast form – search for Jez Show Podcasts on Spotify, Google, Amazon, Apple or anywhere you get your podcasts from!

Music used in this podcast:
Sport And Cars / Energetic Rock by MOKKA

This podcast is not affiliated with Formula 1 or the FIA. All clips, soundbites and trademarks are used in accordance with UK fair use copyright law and remain the property of their respective owners.