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Covid-eo Killed the Radio Star #2 – People Are Nap

They found it so nice, they’re doing it twice… and then probably some more! Join Alex and Jeremy for Covid-eo Killed the Radio Star – a one size fits all podcast where no topic is off limits. You have been warned!

On today’s episode, we reveal what’s happening and what’s not happening in our worlds this week, crown Covidiots of the Week and delve into our lockdown obsessions and coronavirus plus sides.

Featured in this episode:
Alternative press conference slogans

Mentioned during This is Happening:
Check out Duncan Moris’ YouTube Channel

Warning: Explicit Content

This episode of The Main Roster was live streamed on YouTube and is available on Podbean, Spotify, Podchaser, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts or anywhere you get your podcasts from!