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Coming soon: The Main Roster presents… RosterMania

As announced on The Main Roster podcast #17, RosterMania is coming to The Jez Show Podcast Network. What is RosterMania? RosterMania is a psuedo-WWE PPV, created out of fantasy and the prior matches of all mainstream North American wrestling promotions. Designed to be The Main Roster’s WrestleMania, the ultimate show of shows, the card will be constructed of matches from wrestling’s past, adhering to a strict set of match critera, detailed below.

As per the rules above, The Main Roster hosts will conduct a draft and take turns to choose a match for the card based on the toss of a coin. We will each be armed with several choices for each category in case some of our choices have been eliminated by the other rules in course of the draft. For example, if the first match selected is WWE Hardcore Championship – Al Show vs. Hardcore Holly (and why wouldn’t it be?), neither Al Snow or Hardcore Holly would be selectable in any other match on the card. So if you had Al Snow on your shortlist several times (and, again, why wouldn’t you?), you’d be losing some of your ideas immediately. Backups are essential!

The RosterMania draft will take place on a day the week beginning April 13th. With time for the hosts and our audience to watch the “event” in between, the RosterMania episode will take place on the weekend of April 25th & 26th.

We hope that you will join us across the two weeks for the big event!

What matches would you like to see at RosterMania? Let us know on social media or leave a comment below!