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Wednesday Nights Winners/Losers discontinued; Two Minute Warning on hiatus

The Jez Show is announcing today the discontinuation of two projects: NXT/AEW Wednesday Night Winners and Losers and Two Minute Warning.

The end of Wednesday Night Winners and Losers was explained during the recent Week 15 edition, readable here.

This will be the last Wednesday Night Winners and Losers write-up I do. The war is not intensifying as I had hoped and each show seem content to plateau under a million viewers a week. For those interested, I will still declare my winner and keep a tally of the winners but I’d rather not have the pressure to force myself to watch Dynamite immediately… it’s actually becoming a little difficult to relate to the wrestlers, or care about their progress week on week. Thanks for your support with this column.

Putting Two Minute Warning on hiatus was a decision that has not come lightly but since the podcast was revived, hosted only by Jeremy after Alex decided not to continue, the product has not been the same. Without a second person to bounce off and share the content load, the podcast simply is not as entertaining a product as I would desire. Not wishing to produce a husk of its former self, I have chosen to mothball the project at this time. Should a suitable co-host be found, I would hope to continue the podcast.

Are you interesting in co-hosting Two Minute Warning? Do you have a knowledge and interest in American Football? All you need to take part is a good quality microphone and a computer with an internet connection. If interested, please contact The Jez Show on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

When something isn’t working, I like to devote the energy to other things. With the addition of Dan to the podcast, The Main Roster is going swimmingly. New projects and articles will come to replace these that have been lost. To those that have supported these projects til now, I thank you.